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Soft Addictions Template

1 What soft addiction do I turn to?
(Examples: Surfing the internet, Shopping, Constantly trying to please people)
2 What was happening right before I indulged in my soft addiction?
What event or circumstance triggered your soft addiction?

3 What primary emotions was I feeling prior to engaging in my soft addiction?
(Examples: Anger, Hurt, Sadness, Fear, Joy, Love)
4 What negative thoughts (stinking thinking) were going through my head during or after this event or situation?
(Examples: Magical Thinking: I am sure it will all work out somehow, Helpless/Hopeless: No matter what I do it won't make a dfference, Emotional Reasoning: I feel bad, I must be bad, Should statements: I should have done that earlier)
5 What mistaken beliefs may have triggered my stinking thinking and soft addiction?
(Examples: I am not beloved, worthy or precious, My emotions are not important, There is no support for me, The world is an uncaring place)
6 What positive thoughts or attitudes could you think instead?
Positive thought are thoughts reflecting the reality of the situation, or thoughts that are humorous, compassionate or forgiving.
(Examples: My contributions count in the big picture, I need to apply myself to make sure this works out, I can do it)
7 What spiritual hungers were you really longing for?
(Examples: To be heard, To feel connected, To do what I came here on earth to do, To learn)
8 What positive alternatives could you do instead of my soft addictions to meet your deeper hungers?
Alternative Soft Addiction Hunger
Call a friend and go to a play Watching Television To feel connected
Go to a museum or a lecture on a subject that intrigues you Surfing the Internet To learn and grow
"Shop" for friends, ideas, possibilities instead of stuff Shopping To feel abundant


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